DTS Forwarding Information

Do you need a collector service to receive and forward merchandise you buy from the USA?
Do you need an action figure from the USA and cannot get it yourself?

We are here to help by offering a forwarding and/or direct to store purchasing service.


What do we do:
If you find action figures or toys here in the USA, but unavailable outside the USA, you can mail it to us and we will repackage the product in a proper sized box with appropriate padding and forward it to you in your country.

Repacking is when we open the original shipment and attempt to repack the contents of the shipment into a more efficient shipping box with appropriate padding that would then be forwarded to your address on file. This also allows us to verify the product is not damaged for you and if so we can contact you to see how you would like to handle the return.

The only charge we invoice you, with the shipping cost is the cost of the box and packing material which depends on the size and amount you are forwarding. The base box cost is $7.50 USD to a maximum of $15.00 USD for our largest box. Large orders may take more than 1 box.

Please note that although it is very rare, we are not responsible for any damage or loss of items during the forwarded shipment.


What is the process:
* Direct to Store Forwarding Service: If you are able to purchase the items you would like from within the USA - have it shipped to the address below. Please add ATTN: TTB DTS Forwarding to the mailing address so we know what department the package goes to.

Once ordered please submit a contact form below with all relevant information and once we receive the item we will repack and price out the shipping costs with our discounted providers and email you an invoice for the shipping and re-boxing. Once payment has been submitted and received we will ship your package out and provide a tracking number.


** FREE Toy Purchase / Forwarding Service: If you are UNABLE to purchase the items you would like from within the USA we can attempt to purchase them for you and have them repacked and forwarded to you. Please note product order limits, and product availability may or may not be available at the requested time. 

To get a product ordered please submit a contact form below with all the relevant information (including any URL links needed) and once we can confirm we have access to the product we will submit an invoice to you for the product cost. Once the invoice is paid we will order the product and follow the Forwarding Service outlined above to get it to you.


Please note: Shipping times vary wildly depending on the region the product is going especially during these pandemic times so patience is the key.

As stated above repacking service will run from $7.50 US to $15.00 US depending on the size and amount you had forwarded. Toy Purchase Service is FREE!!

The cost of shipping international can be high but is also unknown until the amount and weight of your items has arrived to be properly weighed and quoted. A 3 lb. package from the USA to England averages $27.00 US but that price is not guaranteed until the final package is in-hand to be weighed.  Final costs will be submitted via invoice before the product is released to the shipping company. Full invoice payment is US Dollars must be paid for service completion.

Forwarding Address:

Your Name
ATTN: TTB DTS Forwarding
500 26th Street Suite 206
Opelika Alabama 36804

Prohibited Items: If it is not an action figure or collectable it will not be accepted - No Exceptions!!

The Toy Bunker DTS Forwarding &  Purchase Service

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